23 Cute Spring Nail Designs 2019

If you love nail art, then you should probably know the latest trend for certain times of the year. It is wise to never use the summer trend in spring as you will look like not knowing the trend. Therefore, the tips below will give you the inspiration on how to style your nails in spring.

23 Cute Spring Nail Designs 2019

For spring nail art, the commonly used is the flowery design. However, this year tends to change as people opt to use a polka-dot design. You can coat your nails with white or grey shade and draw dots all over it to make your nail more chic. Other cute spring nail designs that you can also try is angled French tips and ombre nails. The first one is the modification of the famous French tips nails but instead of using white, you can use black and gold at the top of your nail. The second one is also very fun to try as you just need nail polishes with the same basic color but with different shade. You can use the darker on your thumb and the use the lighter color gradually on each finger to create the ombre effect.

Spring Nail

Because spring is the time where you can try various fashion, you should also do an experiment with your cute spring nail. Try to find more inspiration from magazines or internet as your reference as there are so many styles available.


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